Get Pre-Approved

Before you start searching for the perfect home, it’s important to determine the right price range for you.  Having a price range in mind can help you determine which homes fit within your means and eliminate those that won’t.

What you should know when preparing to apply for a home loan

We’re here to help you navigate the homebuying process smoothly.

1. Don’t Apply For New Credit Of Any KindPre-Approval

2. Don’t Close Credit Card Accounts

3. Don’t Max Out Or Over-Charge Existing Credit Cards

4. Don’t Consolidate Debt To One Or Two Cards

5. Don’t Change Or Quit Your Current Job

6. Don’t Make Any Large Deposits Into Your Checking/Savings Account

7. Don’t Make Any Large Purchases

8. Don’t Co-Sign For Any Loans

9. Do Stay Current On Existing Accounts

10. Do Call Your Mortgage Provider. They are There To Help You!

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